We believe that architecture can offer experiences that makes one and another's life more exciting. Trends are not what's important when it comes to experiencing a place, a room or a street. We see architecture as a continual reflection about our surrounding and the feelings it can create. The creative process is not purely imaginative and includes always sociological and ecological questions.The goal is to reach, together with the client, a new vision for each project.The office is driven by a permanent need to experiment. The real pleasure is to turn constraints into new solutions. This everyday challenge makes our lives more exciting!

Albert France-Lanord has both a french and swedish architecture diplome (D.P.L.G. and SAR/MSA) and a Post-graduate from the Royal University College of Fine Arts of Stockholm. He worked in various offices like Ralph Erskine in Drottningholm, Thomas Eriksson in Stockholm, Dominique Davy in Paris for instance, before setting his own practice in Stockholm in 2004. Albert has been  teaching at the KTH Stockholm Architecture School between 2004 and 2009.